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The project consists of the drilling, development, and monitoring of one deep groundwater-monitoring well and one to three shallow groundwater-monitoring wells in eastern Inyo County, California. All of the proposed wells are located in Death Valley National Park.

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Hydrologic Research Program

Inyo County has participated in oversight activities associated with the Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Repository since 1987.  In 2005, the County completed U. S. Department of Energy Cooperative Agreement DE-FC08-02RW12162.  The work started under this Cooperative Agreement was not completed, as the funding profile was less than the planned maximum allowed under the Cooperative Agreement, running approximately 50% of the planned maximum amount.  The overall goal of the studies is the evaluation of far-field issues related to potential transport, by ground water, of radionuclides into Inyo County, including Death Valley, and the evaluation of a connection between the Lower Carbonate Aquifer (LCA) and the biosphere.

Cooperative Agreement DE-FC28-06RW12368 will continue the studies begun under the previous Cooperative Agreement.  The term of the agreement is June 9, 2006 through June 8, 2010 with a total cost of project at $ 4,450,000 (approximately $1,483,000 per year).  We are currently in our fourth and final year of this Cooperative Agreement.
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